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Horse Racing Tips

Award winning horse racing tips. Hundreds of horse racing fans have followed our expert horse racing tips and horse racing tip sheets. If you want expert horse racing tips, why not buy the best horse racing tip sheets from expert horse racing handicappers.

Belmont Stakes Tips

Belmont Stakes Tips in a Belmont Stakes Tip Sheet. Belmont Stakes horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on Belmont Stakes day. 2015 Belmont Stakes is June 7th.

Lone Star Park Tips

Lone Star Park Tips in a Lone Star Park Tip Sheet. Lone Star Park horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on the card. 2014 Lone Star Park opening day is April 10, 2015.

Belmont Tips

Belmont Tips in a Belmont Tip Sheet. Belmont horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on the card. 2015 Belmont Race Track opening day is April 29th and runs thru July 19th (59 days).

Saratoga Tips

Saratoga Tips in a Saratoga Tip Sheet. Saratoga horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on the card. 2015 Saragota Race Track opening day is July 24 and runs thru September 7th (40 days).

Del Mar Tips

Del Mar Tips in a Del Mar Tip Sheet. Del Mar horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tip sheets. All issues contain Del Mar tips for every race on the card. 2015 Del Mar opening day is July 16 and runs thru September 7th (40 days).

Kentucky Derby Tips

Kentucky Derby Tips in a Kentucky Derby Tip Sheet. Kentucky Derby horse racing handicapper offers Kentucky Derby tips for every race on Kentucky Derby day. The 2016 Kentucky Derby is May 2nd.

Preakness Stakes Tips

Preakness Stakes Tips in a Preakness Stakes Tip Sheet. Preakness Stakes horse racing handicapper offers  Preakness Stakes picks for every race on Preakness Stakes day. 2016 Preakness is May 16th.

Horse Racing Players

Unlike most tip sheet providers, our tip sheets are not computer created. We handicap every race manually, factoring in past performances, jockey & trainer status, workout information, as well as historical data to release our top five horses for each race. The best way you can really get an advantage is to follow our horse racing tips. You deserve affordable horse racing tips and has unprecedented longevity, honesty, integrity and we've been putting out winning horse racing tips for over 33 years. Our expert horse race handicappers are what you need to win consistently. Don't go to the race track without our tip sheet in your pocket. You don't even need a program, our tip sheets include entries, ML, jockey, tranier and other information. OK, so you can see we're real, and proven, so let's get started. Click your race track tip sheet choice in the navigation strip above.

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